Kurumah was part of protests after the arrest of UDP Leader Ousainou Darboe / Aljazeera

Incarcerated opposition member dies in custody

A leading member of the United Opposition party Ebrima Kurumah has died in state custody after undergoing a surgery at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, party official said.

Kurumah was arrested by on May 9 and given a three year sentence in July for participating in a peaceful protest demanding the release of other party supporters and the release of the body of a senior opposition official who was tortured to death in custody.

Kurumah was arrested on his way home after making a series of speeches in Banjul. Kurumah was a closed ally to UDP Organizing Secretary Solo Sandeng, whose torture-death was confirmed by the United Nations. Kurumah demanded the release of UDP leader Ousainou Darboe and more than three dozen others who were arrested in April.

Prison wardens allowed UDP officials to see the remains of Mr Kurumah on Monday.

Videos online show riot police beating protesters with bartons, kicking and slapping them. The international community has since condemn the action of the security forces and asked for an independent investigation. Gambian security forces have been accused of serious right violations and the use of torture on political detainees.

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