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Senegalese police officer filmed taking a bribe sent to prison

A Senegalese Judge has convicted and sentenced a policeman who was secretly filmed taking a bribe from a woman to two months imprisonment and a fine of USD $250.

Sokhna Bousso Gueye discreetly filmed Officer Assane Diallo during a traffic stop. Officer Diallo said the fine for the traffic violation was USD $10 before he was given a USD $5 bribe.

The video went viral on Facebook showing the police officer later chewing citation ticket.

MS Gueye was also given a two month suspended prison sentenced and ordered to pay a fine of USD $250 opening debates in Dakar as to why the court should reprimand her despite exposing police corruption.

“People always pay policemen bribes to escape settling speed tickets and other fines. Bribes are often requested by officers,” said Dakar resident, Momodou Ndiaye.

However the video showed Ms Gueye pleading with Officer Diallo not to issue a ticket before attempting to bribe him. Officer Diallo refused to yield to her plea ignoring the amounts of money she suggested but finally accepted a $5 offer.

Corruption, lack of resources and infrastructure continue to be challenges for law enforcement agencies in Senegal, a nation which now faces threats from Islamist extremists who want to lure unemployed youths to fuel insurgency.

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