Mama Kandeh proposes a government of national unity

Mama Kandeh proposes a government of national unity

The GDC’s presidential hopeful Mama Kandeh made unknown his support for a unity government on Monday at a rally in Banjul. Kandeh said if elected into office, his administration will constitute a government with representation from all parties including the ruling APRC.

Kandeh was a former representative of the APRC party in The Gambia’s parliament. He was expelled by President Yahya Jammeh from the party in 2013. The politician emerged from shadow politics to a fanfare of charisma and huge following after he announced his leadership of the newly formed GDC party.

Unlike President Yahya Jammeh who sees the opposition as unpatriotic and enemies of states, Kandeh pushed aside any suggestion that Jammeh or any other political leader is his enemy. Last month, Kandeh offered support to the United Democratic Party after dozens of its members were sent to jail for taking parts in rare protests that rocked the country.

“I do not consider Yahya Jammeh as my enemy. I do not consider the APRC as my enemy. A GDC government is going to promote national unity, peace and harmony. We are determined to unify this country if voted into office,” Kandeh said.

The GDC presidential hopeful said is guided by a common objective with other opposition leaders to usher national development, unity, peace and stability.

Jammeh’s regime has been criticized for leaving the country’s island capital’s infrastructure in a dilapidating condition. Visiting head of states stay within the Kombos and do not visit the State House. Kandeh took the circumstances to his advantage reminding Banjulians of worsening conditions.

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