Samsudeen Sarr, others grateful to President Jammeh

Samsudeen Sarr, others grateful to President Jammeh

The Gambia’s Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations Samsudeen Sarr said even without an award from President Jammeh, he and his colleagues supporting the regime in the diaspora are “absolutely grateful” to the Gambian leader for his goodwill.

Sarr with Mami Jallow, Foday Chorr and Modou Mbowe expressed profound gratitude and adoration to Mr Jammeh, who last weekend presented them with about two dozen others with an award for supporting his twenty two year regime.

Sarr, a former military commander who wrote a book against President Jammeh’s regime settled their difference in 2015 and has since metamorphosed from his arch critic to arch defender. Sarr took up bouts with US National Security Advisor Susan Rice, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, Senegalese authorities and UN Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide Adama Dieng to defend President Jammeh and his government in a rather contentious fashion.

President Yahya Jammeh faces a strong opposition in the diaspora, which is funding opposition parties to help oust him. The diaspora said Jammeh has made constitutional change of government impossible resulting to military expeditions in December 2014 that left at least two people dead.

President Jammeh has ruled The Gambia since 1994 with an iron fist and faces a divided but determined opposition in the polls in December.

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