Mayor Colley said Mama Kandeh betrayed the APRC

Mayor Colley said Mama Kandeh betrayed the APRC

APRC propagandist Yankuba Colley said the charismatic leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress, Mama Kandeh has betrayed the APRC to form his own political party. Kandeh was expelled with at least 14 others from the ruling APRC party in 2013.

“Mamma is a betrayal to the APRC. He left APRC and went and formed his own party. So he has nothing to say against APRC,” Colley told pro-government Daily Observer newspaper.

Colley said Kandeh left the APRC party because he was disgruntled after failing to secure a nomination to retain his seat as a National Assembly Member but in June, Colley denied reports that Kandeh officially left APRC. The ruling APRC party’s political bureau in a statement on April 3, 2013 said President Yahya Jammeh has banished Kandeh and other members for what the GDC leader said was challenges he posed to Jammeh’s decisions.

Though the APRC has been focused on rebutting the surprise popularity of the GDC, Colley said Kandeh’s creation of a new opposition party is not dividing the APRC but putting further strain on the already deeply disfranchised opposition, who are finding it difficult to form a coalition.

The Gambia is heading to the polls in December and Mama Kandeh and pushed aside claims that other political leaders including President Yahya Jammeh are his enemies. He announced a unity government with representation from all political parties if he becomes the groundnut producing nation’s Commander-in-Chief.

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