Bah accuses Jammeh of ‘dishonestly’ ending careers of civil servants

Hamat-Bah-1NRP Leader Hamat Bah accused President Yahya Jammeh of dubiously scheming to have more than two dozen civil servants to lose their jobs and end their careers and putting them on media trial.

Bah said President Jammeh must cease using the state broadcaster to put to trial people accused of wrongdoing by his administration even before being brought before a court of law.

Bah described the announcement of names of civil servants entangled in a government vehicle auctioning scandal as ‘unacceptable,’ and being against the law.

“Jammeh cannot use the radios and television accusing innocent people and saying that he is fighting corruption while they are not found guilty by any court of law. It is an unacceptable and unfair trial by using the media,” he said.

Bah said people who serve the country deserve respect and even where they are wrong, government is not supposed to step out of bounds in the process of seeking justice.

The NRP leader said many civil servants have lost their jobs unfairly and demand President Jammeh to explain why he signed auctioning documents for the same vehicles.

The Gambia’s government is said to be one of the most corrupt and secretive in Africa. President Jammeh has amassed for himself more than a billion dollars in wealth since coming to power in 1994 according to unsubstantiated reports. He is said to have at least a mansion in the United States, France, Romania and Morocco.

The NRP opposition leader wants Jammeh and his administration to account for the proceeds from the sale of the Atlantic Hotel and Sanyang sand minding and for Mr Jammeh to declare his assets.

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