Gambia: Senior Court of Appeals judge dismissed

Gambia: Senior Court of Appeals judge dismissed

A senior member of The Gambia’s judicial system has been dismissed from her job as a Justice at the country’s Court of Appeals, reports say.

Justice NaCeesay Sallah-Wadda was discharged of her duties on Wednesday but judicial sources said her firing did not come as a surprise declining to give specific reasons. Reports from Banjul made mention of tension between Justice Sallah-Wadda and the country’s top law enforcement official, Attorney General Mama Fatima Singhateh.

Last week, a magistrate with a local court, Momodou Krubally was relieved of his duties whiles on a conference in the United States.

Several magistrates were arrested and dismissed in The Gambia for ruling against the state. No reasons were given for Justice Sallah-Wadda’s dismissal.

The Gambia’s executive has been accused of interfering in judicial matters, especially in politically motivated trials. The country’s President Yahya Jammeh is said to complicit in hiring machineary judges to do his bidding in court. Magistrates and judges are fired by the executive, which bypasses the country’s judicial service commission.

Justice NaCeesay Sallah-Wadda was first fired in 2008 and later reinstated in October of the same year. The justice department announced her election to the African Union Commission on International Law in March 2013, a nomination that was supported by President Jammeh.

The Justice holds an LLB (Hons) from Anglia Polytechnic University, Essex – United Kingdom, a BL (Hons) from the Sierra Leone Law School and an LLM (Merit) from London Metropolitan University, United Kingdom.

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