UDP National President admonishes Jammeh’s tribal, religious politics

UDP National President admonishes Jammeh’s tribal, religious politics

The Gambia’s main opposition UDP National President Dembo ‘By Force’ Bojang has rebuked President Yahya Jammeh for inciting tribal and religious politics saying the country’s iron-fist ruler will not succeed in dividing the people.

“Yahya Jammeh cannot divide us. His tribal and religious politics will not work. We are a nation of ethnic  and religious diversity. Tribes and people of different religions intermarry in The Gambia,” Mr Bojang said. “We cannot afford to have such a divisive and polarizing character to lead us as a nation.”

President Yahya Jammeh this summer went on a Donald Trump type rant against the Mandingoes of The Gambia threatening to kill them. The United Nations Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide condemned Mr Jammeh’s statements as irresponsible and extremely dangerous.

Public statements of this nature by a national leader are irresponsible and extremely dangerous. They can contribute to dividing populations, feed suspicion and serve to incite violence against communities, based solely on their identity,” Adama Dieng said.

Mr Dembo Bojang said The Gambia’s 2016 election is crucial and urged for an opposition unity to end Jammeh’s twenty two year rule. The UDP National President said the country’s Commander-in-Chief is an affront to tribal unity, peace, security and national development.

The Gambia though small is a diverse and ethnically and religiously harmonized nation. Recent threats to Christians by declaring the country an Islamic state has resulted to inconveniencing their freedom to religious practice.  The declaration of an Islamic republic has been widely frowned upon.

UDP’s Dembo Bojang said President Jammeh, who is using both tribe and religion to play politics will woefully fail in his quest to divide the harmonious nation of 2 million people.

An executive directive from President Jammeh to have women civil servants cover their head during work hours was quickly rescinded after rights campaigners and women activists frowned upon it and deemed it sexiest.

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