Gambia: parliament uncovers dubious financial transactions in the government

Gambia: parliament uncovers dubious financial transactions in the government

Serious financial flaws including unpresented payment vouchers, vouchers without supporting documents, procurement regulation breaches, single quotation vouchers and misclassified expenses were widespread in the Gambia government, a parliamentary oversight body said.

According to Majority Leader Fabakary Tombong Jatta (APRC-SK EAST), the National Assembly’s Public Accounts and Public Enterprises Committee found that government funds from commercial banks were excluded in statements, dormant accounts were uncovered, missing loan agreements, non-disclosure of domestic debt holders with on-lending to government business enterprises .

Some of the grants that were given to government institutions were not disclosed according to parliamentary source. Some institutions reportedly failed to provide GRA tax arrears report with revenue vouchers and domestic debt ledgers. The records were said not to be found.

A report from the Auditor General indicated that many self-accounting projects were not consolidated with any reconciliation with records at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs.

At least 162 payment vouchers totaling D6, 129,930.24 were not presented for audit verification and at least 58 payments totaling D2, 073,017.07 were made without documentation.

Payment vouchers amounting to D910, 165 with only one invoice attached as opposed to the three quotations required by the Public Procurement Act was disclosed with 84 payment vouchers amounting to D5, 592,230 that were charged to wrong votes.

At least D796, 879.26 of undisclosed funds were also held in various commercial banks, a finance ministry official said.

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