Darboe’s wife wants audience with Jammeh

Darboe’s wife wants audience with Jammeh

The wife of detained Gambian opposition leader Ousainou Darboe wants an audience with the country’s President Yahya Jammeh to discuss what she says are critical issues affecting the country.

Maimuna Ndure Darboe who is not surprised by the jailing of her husband said the audience is beyond the unjust incarceration of a man revered as a political reformer who has dedicated his career and life to ensure Gambians live with their dignity, freedom, democracy and rule of law intact.

Mrs. Darboe wants an end to the torture of detainees and for the government to introduce reforms in the prison and judicial systems, especially for remanded detainees, most of who have gone years without trial.

It has not being said if a letter requesting an audience with the president was sent to Marina Parade but such a request is likely not to reach the president’s desk or denied.

The Gambia is said to have one of the worst prisons in the world. Prisons are congested with poor sanitation and ventilation. The UN reported that torture is prevalent in the prison system with officers not respecting the rights of detainees.

Detainees in the country’s prison reported poor health care service, deaths due to malnutrition and food poisoning and being detained incommunicado without access to their legal counsel or families.

Right groups reported that detainees are fed with expired food products and the UN rights commission this week asked The Gambia to investigate all credible allegations of mistreatment of detainees.

Mrs. Ndure-Darboe has vowed to fight for the freedom of The Gambia and restore its lost.

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