Dakar Embassy turns down opposition leader’s donation

Dakar Embassy turns down opposition leader’s donation

An opposition leader Mai Ahmad Fatty of the GMC donated some IT equipment to the Gambian Embassy in Dakar, Senegal but staffers at the consulate declined to receive the donation. According to embassy officials, they did not have authorization from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to accept the items.

Embassy officials are expected to relay a cable to Banjul advising them of the donation attempt from the opposition leader to make a decision. Banjul is likely to reject the offer being suspicious of the use of technology by its strongest opponents outside the country. However, embassy staffers promised to reach out to Fatty after a decision is made.

“My offer to donate computers was aimed at building and strengthening the institutional capacity of the embassy, which I believed is hampered by a lack of such equipment,” said Hon. Fatty. “The gesture was to help alleviate those constraints but unfortunately, they are scared to take my offer.”

Fatty’s GMC joined a coalition with the UDP in the 2011 presidential polls. The GMC was part of five other political parties that boycotted the country 2012 local government elections.  Hon. Fatty paid a surprise visit to the Dakar Embassy to discuss with officials about the state of Gambians in the neighboring country of Senegal.

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