Homes, businesses evacuated along Basse River

Homes, businesses evacuated along Basse River

Business and homes were evacuated after a flood warning was issued for those along the Basse River. The disaster management team in the Upper River Region the river is expected to flood and crossing between the city of Basse and Kerewan Badala is unsafe.

Rising water levels have already submerged the wharf in the river.

The Gambia’s government has spent at least a million dalasis to address the occasional flooding but runway water coming from neighboring country Senegal through Dibiru, Sare Alpha and Bolibanna in Jimara, Tumana and Kantora districts in The Gambia accompanied by heavy rains has taken a toll, according to the Daily Observer.

Madina Kaba Kama is going to be the hardest hit, according to disaster relief organizations. Its waters are expected to be highly contaminated. Families who have homes constructed near the river banks are urged to leave as their homes will be flooded.

If rains continue as predicted, the situation may get worse, the warning said.

A flooding happened last year causing over D9 million worth of destruction to business, properties and farms.

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