China’s government gives scholarships to a dozen Gambian students

China’s government gives scholarships to a dozen Gambian students

At least 12 Gambian students will be making off to Beijing in pursuit of higher education after the Chinese government awarded them full scholarships.

China and The Gambia resume diplomatic relations four months ago after a two-decade break for Taiwanese checkbook diplomacy.

China’s Ambassador to The Gambia Zhang Jiming said education is an important part of the bilateral relations between the Asian nation and mainland Africa’s smallest country. Relations between the two nations have grown stoutly though China has barely any economic or military interest in The Gambia.

China though is looking to African nations for support in its claim for the South China Sea.

Ambassador Jiming advised the students never to forget to align their dreams with that of a better Gambia, to which they are so deeply indebted and will have so much to contribute to.

During Gambia’s two decade relations with Taipei, Taiwan awarded hundreds of scholarships to Gambians as well and built some schools with intent to build a science and technological college.

Ambassador Jiming said China is one of the best places to study with its huge geographical size and population, rich history and culture, ethnic and religious diversity, and unique language and tradition.

China boasts an unbroken history of more than 5,000 years of civilization and a strong bond among its over 1.3 billion Chinese people of 56 ethnic groups.

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