Former oil minister, cabinet chief denied bail again


Beleaguered former Petroleum Minister Sira Wally Ndow was brought to tears as she was denied bail for the second time by a high court in Banjul, though her lawyers said she needed special medical attention.

The former cabinet minister has been charged with economic and false information offenses.

Jammeh administration said Ms. Ndow signed a multi-million dollar contract with an oil company in the Middle East, which is non-existent but a search for the company show records of the corporation in the United Arab Emirates. President Yahya Jammeh claimed a loss of $12 million from the contract.

She was arrested since June with about nine other senior and junior government officials including a former Cabinet Secretary, Nuha Touray.

Touray has also being denied bail on Wednesday by Justice Eneji.

The judge also dismissed a bail request by the director of the country’s oil company, Momodou Badjie.

High Court judge Justice Ottaba granted bail to at least seven other civil servants last month including a former solicitor general with two permanent secretaries who were jointly charged with Ms. Ndow, Mr. Touray and Mr. Badjie.

(Reporting from Banjul; Writing by Sainey MK Marenah; Editing by Sam Phatey)

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