Gambian lawmaker arrested after radio interview

Gambian lawmaker arrested after radio interview

A Gambian lawmaker, Buba Ayi Sanneh (Indpendent – Kombo Central), has been arrested by the country’s National Intelligence Agency (NIA) days after accusing a judge presiding over an assault case against his person of being partial.

The NIA has not given any reason for his arrest but it came days after a radio interview with controversial radio journalist, Pa Nderry Mbai. He was arrested from his home in Brikama.

Honorable Sanneh is an arch critic of President Yahya Jammeh and has been a strong advocate against his government policies in parliament.

Magistrate Hillary Abeke refused to stop proceedings for the assault and trespass case against the lawmaker though court documents show the complainant, Musa Gomez has written to and advised the court that he does not wish to continue with the case and wants it withdrawn.

“I am one hundred percent sure that there is a political implication associated with my trial. My trial is politically motivated. When my case was before the police, the members of our ‘Sanneh Kabilo’ appealed to Musa to withdraw the case, but he never listen to them. He was being influenced by some outsiders. He finally agreed to withdraw the case. He wrote to the court asking for the case to be withdrawn, but the magistrate flatly refused,” the lawmaker said.

Sanneh told the Freedom Newspaper, anti-government medium in the United States that The Gambia’s government is pulling strings to have him convicted and lose his parliamentary seat.

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