Mai Ahmad Fatty congratulates UDP presidential nominee

Mai Ahmad Fatty congratulates UDP presidential nominee

The leader of the opposition GMC party has congratulated Mr. Adama Barrow who accepted his party’s nomination as presidential hopeful.

Barrow, 51, is the UDP’s assistant treasurer.

Mai Fatty’s GMC joined the UDP in a coalition in 2011 but failed to oust Jammeh in polls that the ECOWAS said were not free and fair.

Fatty said in a message that Barrow a good person and a grassroots leader calling him a decent human being with an honest character and selfless personality.

“He is a grassroots person, very unassuming and sincere. He is educated and an experienced entrepreneur. I trust him. He is dependable,” said Fatty.

The UDP is The Gambia’s largest opposition party.

Fatty also welcomed the presidential bid of two others running as independent candidates: former Attorney General Joseph Joof and Women’s Right Activist Dr. Isatou Touray

The GMC it is looking forward to a pragmatic partnership with “genuine” stakeholders to end President Yahya Jammeh’s 22-year rule.

It is the first time the UDP has a new presidential candidate in 20 years.

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