Busumbala crash kills three, says police

Busumbala crash kills three, says police

Police in the West Coast Region city of Yundum said at least three people died including a cab driver after a vehicle carrying them collided with a 50-passenger coach at high speed in a rainy weather.

All those killed were riding in the cab heading towards Brikama. The fourth passenger in the taxi was transported by ambulance to the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital in Banjul with life-threatening injuries.

Police said the accident occurred at 4AM and speed was the cause of the crash.

The bus, which was transporting people from the West African nation of Mali also crashed into a compound plunging into a shop. Malian company TA Express owns the bus and is yet to release any statement.

Taxi driver Ousman Mbye was pronounced dead on the scene after first responders from the fire department used hydraulics tools to cut part of the crushed taxi out to pull him.

No one on the bus suffered injuries. No charges have been filed as investigations are still ongoing.

(Reporting from Banjul; Part of the report by Momodou Jawo – Daily Observer)

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