Photo show deadly aftermath of Busumbala crash

Photo show deadly aftermath of Busumbala crash

With what seem to be a human part lying in front of the crushed up taxi that collided with a bus, a photo from the Busumbala crash in which at least three people have died have left many in shock.

Whiles the police has not filed any charges yet, drivers of both vehicles were said to be traveling at excessive speeds during rains when they collided. No one in the bus was killed or injured but all in the taxi died except for one person who has life threatening injuries.

Residents in Busumbala said drivers are often reckless on the highway leading to the city of Brikama. This according to residents is not just commercial vehicles but private vehicles have been the cause of most accidents on its highway with young people behind the wheels.

They are now hoping for the police to devise a new scheme to curb the speeding frenzy.

This summer, an accident in the coastal city of Brufut wounded a handful of people and killed at least five others after a speeding commercial van tried to overtake a truck carrying sand from the mines.

The Gambia’s police those not have a ticketing system and police cruisers to be pulling speeders over. The system including the court system is not prepared to adequately take on such a program. The government has not invested into such a program for the country but with many lives being lost, the pressure is starting to mount to jumpstart it.

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