Embattled former cabinet chief barred from seeking bail

nuha-touray-picThe Gambia’s former cabinet secretary Nuha Touray has been denied bail indefinitely by a High Court judge in the capital, Banjul.

Touray has been accused of corruption by state prosecutors and held with at least seven other officials were seeking temporal release from jail.

High Court Judge Justice O. Ottabba said on Thursday that though Mr. Touray continue to appeal his remand, his circumstances has not changed for the court to revert its decision to grant him bail.

Attorneys for former top government official are expected to take their appeal to the country’s Appeals Court to seek redress.

Mr. Touray was denied bail earlier this month with Sira Wally Ndow Njie, who was the first minister of Petroleum and later appointed deputy minister of Tourism.

President Yahya Jammeh said it is the biggest corruption scandal in his administration, accusing the officials of giving a multi-million dollar oil contract to a “fake company in Qatar.”

A search of the company in question: March Petroleum showed it exist but The Gambian leader has vowed to set an example out of officials who he said has caused the country great economic loss.

(Reporting from Banjul; Writing by Sam Phatey; Editing by Sainey MK Marenah)

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