GDC to unveil its coalition plan in October

GDC to unveil its coalition plan in October

The Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) is expected to release its plan for a coalition next month ahead of the mid-November nomination deadlines, its spokesperson said.

At least three other parties, including the country’s largest opposition UDP party have made their intentions for a coalition public, first seeking a party-led coalition then an independent candidate.

The GDC is one of the two parties that pulled out of coalition talks this week citing reservations with some clauses in a proposed agreement over financing and party membership.

The mediation chief of the talks said they have agreed to have a non-partisan independent candidate to lead a coalition, hoping to end President Yahya Jammeh’s 22-year rule. Mr. Kebba Singhateh said he is optimistic that there would be support for the resolution.

Support for an independent candidate, Dr. Isatou Touray has gained strong footing with calls to the opposition to back her candidacy.

“The idea of an independent candidate being the flag bearer and ultimately leading a transitional government is archivable. All political parties should suspend their party activities, support the independent candidate as a unit. Campaign together all over the country. This will bring all Gambians together for one purpose; to end dictatorship in The Gambia.” said GDC Diaspora’s Kebba Foon.

Observer say it is at the best interest of political parties, who for long failed in securing a party-led coalition, to endorse Dr. Touray, who said she is the “strategy and the solution.”

Analysts said a Touray win will allow for free and fair elections in which opposition parties can contest the 2017 parliamentary and local government polls and focus on 2021 presidential votes.

It is unclear if the GDC’s coalition proposal to be unveiled in October will support the idea of an independent candidate but many remain hopeful.

GDC Spokesperson Essa Jallow said the talks they have pulled out of did not involve Dr. Touray and were ongoing before her emergence.

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