Touray’s weekend national address to focus on solutions

Touray’s weekend national address to focus on solutions

Gambia’s first female and independent candidate Dr. Isatou Touray will be addressing the Gambian people in a televised statement on Saturday, her campaign confirmed.

Touray’s speech will reiterate her reasons for running for the office with focus on her plans and solutions. Her speech will be informing of Gambians of she believes is the way forward.

Touray, 61, said she is inspired by the desire of Gambians for change in the “face of immense economic hardship, restrictions on our freedom and personal liberty.”

The rights campaign who said she is a development politician has been herald as the strategy to end the 22-year regime of the country’s long time president, Yahya Jammeh.

Since the country’s military coup that brought Mr. Jammeh to power in 1994, rights groups say the country’s celebrated democracy completed faded with the introduction of military decrees during the military regime’s transitional period. Political opponents said Jammeh consolidated power and over the years tailored the constitution to his convenience.

Jammeh, 51, who as a young lieutenant vowed not to introduce dictatorship in mainland Africa’s smallest country, is now known to be one of Africa’s most brutal authoritarian rulers.

Touray has received endorsements from civil society and youth leaders and her campaign is gaining more strength with the grassroots.

She has promised to serve only one term and organize a free and fair election in which all political parties can participate.

A youth-led coalition talk by opposition parties finalized an agreement advocating for a non-partisan independent candidate to lead a coalition. At least two parties have pulled out of the talks at its advanced stage and a third party did not participate.

Touray is seen as the strategy and the solution to Gambian opposition parties’ long disagreement over party-led coalition and calls have emerged for opposition leaders to endorse her candidacy.

Touray’s speech tonight will be streamed on Mamos TV at 5PM GMT, 1PM ET.

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