GMC says it was not invited to PDOIS initiated coalition talks

GMC says it was not invited to PDOIS initiated coalition talks

The Leader of the Gambia Moral Congress, Mai Ahmad Fatty said his party was not invited to coalition talks initiated by another opposition party, PDOIS on Wednesday in Banjul.

The talks were held in hopes of securing an opposition coalition before the early November nomination deadlines announced by the country’s electoral commission.

PDOIS said it had sent invites to all political parties in The Gambia for the meeting but GDC leader Mai Ahmad Fatty said his party or any of its representative has not received a letter.

“GMC was not invited by PDOIS at its meeting today. None of our registered offices (which are known to PDOIS), or member of our leadership on the ground (also known to PDOIS), received the purported letter of invitation sent by PDOIS to some political parties,” Fatty said.

GMC, which joined UDP in an alliance in 2011 said it is unaware of Wednesday’s talks and had no “legitimate” or “officially mandated” representative at the meeting.

Fatty acknowledged that if the party had received a letter, a delegation would’ve been sent.

At least six other opposition parties and a representative for independent candidate Dr. Isatou Touray were at Kairaba Hotel for the meeting.

The GMC has always pioneered consensus initiative and Fatty said he remains optimistic about a coalition.

Meanwhile, PDOIS Leader Halifa Sallah has vowed to serve only one term if elected under a coalition but opposition leaders have been calling for a non-partisan independent candidate who be elected through a primary.

A youth-led opposition unity talk nearly collapsed after two parties pulled out citing discrepancies with term of reference.

Opposition parties are expected to resume talks next week with hopes but that the misunderstanding surrounding the GMC invite would be resolved.

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