Ambassador Badjie: Gambia committed to supporting Beijing in South China Sea dispute

Ambassador Badjie: Gambia committed to supporting Beijing in South China Sea dispute

ambassador_dembo_badjie-dGambia’s Ambassador to China said his country will support the Asian nation in her quest to take control of the South China Sea, whiles hoping that disputes will be settled amicably.

The Gambia supported China in disputes with Philippines over the South China Sea and Ambassador Dembo Badjie reiterated The Gambia’s commitment to maintain peace and stability in the region.

“It is hoped that all efforts will be aimed at resolving the differences and disputes in this issue through genuine dialogue. The Gambia stands ready to support China in her international aspirations including at the level of the United Nations and other forum,” the diplomat said.

The active phase of the joint Russian-Chinese naval exercise in the South China Sea started on Thursday with an operation of the two countries’ marine troops, with practice of seizing of a simulated enemy stronghold, RT reported. The Gambia last week signed a military cooperation agreement with Russia and its military may get training and aid from the Russian army.

The Dean of The Gambia’s diplomatic corp and Chief Envoy to mainland China, Ambassador Dembo Badjie presented his credence to Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday in Beijing.

Badjie, a former regional governor, under-secretary and permanent representative to the United Nations said China has committed itself to cooperate with The Gambia and help with the nation’s development efforts.

The Gambia first established diplomatic ties with China in 1974 before switching to Taiwan. It abruptly severed ties with Taiwan in 2013 and resume diplomatic relations with Beijing in May.

China has turned to Africa where it is supporting infrastructure development in most countries. This has been recognized by The Gambia, where Chinese companies surveyed the Port of Banjul for a deep-water seaport.

The Gambia says it recognizes China’s significant contribution to sustainable development in Africa and that Beijing demonstrated that it is not only the world’s most successful economy but the world’s greatest development partner to Africa.

The Gambia’s new ambassador to China also served as its chief envoy to Sierra Leone and India.

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