Stalls, goods at Brikama market destroyed by fire

Stalls, goods at Brikama market destroyed by fire

A weekend fire has destroyed stalls and goods at Brikama’s main market, after poor electrical wiring resulted to sparks that caused the fire.

The area of the market is reportedly crowded with old corrugated stalls supported by timber-made pillars. Fire incidences in the area occur every year mostly affecting small petty traders, most of them women.

The Brikama Fire Department responded to contain the inferno from spreading to other parts of the market.

Many women return to the market scavenging what is left of their stall and their goods.

Stalls without power are often illegally supplied electricity by other businesses and wiring even for those approved by NAWEC are often not done by licensed electricians and are not inspected, the fire department said.

Most businesses are uninsured, leaving owners to look for ways to start afresh.

Brikama Area Council officials have not released any formal statement regarding the fire. The council is responsible for the administration of the market but has been criticized for collecting taxes and not developing the market and keeping it sanitary.

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