Education ministry shutdown 10 schools

Education ministry shutdown 10 schools

The Ministry for Basic and Secondary Education has ordered 10 private early childhood education center with an elementary school to cease operations for not meeting guidelines and regulations.

Parents have been advised not to enroll their children in King’s Daycare and Nursery School in Serekunda; Shalom Nursery School in Dippa Kunda; Wisdom Nursery school in Dippa Kunda; JTT Nursery School in Talinding Gilipiti; Seed of Truth Academy Nursery School in Somita village; Barbara Nursery School, formerly Mango Tree in Giboroh village; St Mary’s Nursery School in Kembujeh; Dairu Kairu Nursery School in Brikama; Hana Lower Basic School in Tujereng village, and Brif Nursery School in Brif village.

Education officials said the schools do not meet operational standards.

Provision of quality education in The Gambia has come under sharp criticism after more than 70% of those that took the secondary school examination failed.

Education Minister Fatou Lamin Faye said The Gambia’s education system has undergone a number of transformations and the government rolled out a rapid expansion program resulting to a 92% enrollment rate.

Demand for education is higher than the level of supply, and the quality and rate of continuity is low, particularly for girls, as not all children remain in school up to the Upper Basic level.

UNICEF said out of 69 percent of children starting school, only 63 percent reach 9th Grade and only 17 percent achieve a pass in mathematics, which indicates a major problem relating to quality.

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