U.S. gives D3.6M for refugee support, community development

U.S. gives D3.6M for refugee support, community development

Communities in provincial Gambia are celebrating after receiving funds from the U.S. Embassy in Banjul to fence their orchards and schools, build a new solar powered health clinic, get safe drinking water, assist refugees and provide skills training.

At least D1.1 million will be give to the Julia Taft Refugee Fund to help and help support a refugee welfare center operated by The Gambia Food and Nutrition Association in the Foni.

The low level Casamance crisis has forced many from Southern Senegal to seek refugee in The Gambia.

The Ambassador’s Special Help Fund makes it possible for the U.S. to respond to requests for assistance with small community projects that promise to have immediate impact and may add to the advancement of U.S. objectives.

The program in The Gambia supported agriculture and included several innovative projects such as the micro-solar electrification of an entire village and the training of 20 village representatives in the building of beehives used for the production of honey and cosmetics.

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