Magistrate assaulted by police, Judicial Secretary calls for investigation

Magistrate assaulted by police, Judicial Secretary calls for investigation

Police in Banjul assaulted one of the country’s youngest magistrates Abdul Aziz Saho when he tried to intervene and stop some officers who were beating two teenagers.

Saho, who had bruises was reportedly arrested by the police and was only released after the judicial service commission intervened.

The judicial secretary has since called for an investigation into his assault and for the police chief to take disciplinary action on the officers involved.

Police are yet to file charges against the officers but have promised to take action.

Last year, a children’s right activist Minah Manneh leaked a video of a police officer physically assaulting schoolgirls with a cane. She attempted to intervene and later had to flee the country due to laws banning the publication of materials that ‘tarnish the image of public officials’ online.

At least five other magistrates have fled the country, the last of them, 24-year old Magistrate Omar Jabang, who is now in the United States after being arrested for ruling against the state.

Gambia’s police have been accused of torturing and mistreating detainees including minors. The police have been accused of beating detainees that are minors and keeping them in cells with adult detainees. Many have been detained by the police for days and weeks without notifying parents or giving them a bail.

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