Gambia’s opposition coalition talks, only one step forward

Gambia’s opposition coalition talks, only one step forward

Gambia’s opposition political parties who are on intense coalition talks for a standard bearer in the forthcoming December polls to face incumbent President Yahya Jammeh have still not reach a final agreement.

The talks which resumed Friday at the famous Kairaba Beach Hotel brought together political party leaders and their representatives as well as the Independent Candidate representative and civil society groups.

After a day long negotiations, the leaders only signed a coalition option memorandum and agreed to a convention that will bring delegates from across the country to select a coalition standard bearer.

“To hold a National Convention comprising 10 delegates from each region selected by each signatory party and presidential aspirant from Civil Society, who are accorded the key mandate to elect one of the aspiring presidential candidates to be a flag bearer of the coalition for the 1st December 2016 Presidential elections,” opposition statement.

All opposition political parties signed the coalition option memorandum adopted except The Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) of Mama Kandeh.

Civil society leaders facilitating the talks have also signed the agreement in Banjul and are expected to meet this month ahead of  November nomination deadlines to present a candidate.

Opposition supporters are clinching on to hope and praying for their leaders not to have another failed talk in an attempt to present a formidable challenge to incumbent President Yahya Jammeh in December.

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