Judge orders release of Gambia’s deputy foreign minister

SARJO-JALLOW-1Justice Ottaba has ordered Gambian authorities to release the country’s deputy foreign affairs minister, Sarjo Jallow who has been held at the NIA detention center in Banjul since September.

Jallow was The Gambia’s Ambassador to the African Union before being recalled to serve in the cabinet.

His family petitioned Gambian authorities after they lost communications with him.

Gambian authorities are yet to make any statement about his detention and have neither refuted nor accepted alleged reports of unlawfully detaining Jallow.

Whiles Jallow’s lawyers said his detention is in violation of his right and no charges were brought on him, Justice Ottaba, however, said he would be released after paying a bond of GMD200,000 (US$5,000) and tender his travel documents to the court.

Rights defenders say Jallow is not the only former cabinet member unlawfully detained. Former Deputy Agriculture Minister Ousman Jammeh has been held incommunicado in the state’s central Mile II prisons in the outskirts of the Gambian capital, Banjul for about a year.

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