Two Bissau-Guineans to be deported says immigration officials

Two Bissau-Guineans to be deported says immigration officials

At least two Bissau-Guineans in The Gambia are awaiting their expulsion from The Gambia after being convicted of obtaining a Gambian passport and money by false pretense.

Malick Sillah will serve a three-month sentence for making false declarations to get secure a Gambian passport and Ebrima Gassama for obtaining money in hopes to secure a UK visa and was charged in a civil lawsuit by Beatrice Badjie.

Many Bissau-Guineans flew to the Gambia during the country’s civil war and The Gambia was a key mediator in settling disputes in the volatile West African nation, plagued by military coups.

The presidents of both nations met last month to discuss the security and stability in Guinea-Bissau.

Guinea-Bissau’s President Jose Mario Vaz won a historic election in 2014 and sought to strengthen relations between Bissau and Banjul.

It is rare for The Gambia to deport citizens of other West African nations but Magistrate Kebba Baldeh ruled in favor of deportation after time served.

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