Brikama lady, Kiang man face murder charges

gambia-policeState prosecutors are holding Sarjo Badjie of Darsilameh liable for the death of a 24-year-old lady, Lamarana Jallow charging her with murder.

According to a criminal complaint filed by the justice department, the daughters of Mrs. Badjie and Jallow were in a fight but were separated by Jallow. Prosecutors said Badjie went into Jallow’s apartment and brought Jallow’s daughter out and told the two girls to continue fighting.

A witness affidavit stated that Lamarana Jallow then took her daughter away but the two mothers later got into an altercation and then physical violence ensued. They were separated by witnesses after which the accused and the deceased took out chairs and sat on their porches.

Sarjo Jallow was said to have taken her wooden chair hitting Lamarana Jallow on the left leg injuring her. Medical documents said her legs were broken and she was unable to stand. Prosecutors said she died of her injuries.

In a separate case, a man from Kiang Yerro Jula village, Basiru Bah has also been accused of stabbing and killing one Galo Njie and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. Counsels have adopted their brief in the case and sentencing is expected to happen by end of November.

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