Brikama parents absents their children from school as missing children reports increase

Parents in the city of Brikama, some 40 miles from The Gambia’s capital Banjul refused to send their children to school on Monday after a spike in missing children reports in the West Coast Region.

The abduction of a handful of children has been blamed on the country’s president, Yahya Jammeh.

Jammeh, 51, is seeking a fifth term and an unidentified man in an interview on a pro-opposition online radio with Gambian journalist and former presidential press secretary, Fatu Camara warned that there will be children missing because the Gambian leader will be using as many as 70 children for spiritual sacrifice to retain his presidency.

The man claimed he has once done a similar job for the Gambian leader.

Audios of mothers complaining about their children being missing are trending across groups on social media with one woman in Wellingara saying they saw two children being whisked away in an unmarked pickup truck.

“There is no school in Brikama today,” said a source. “Many parents are angry and afraid. They kept their kids at home out of fear that they will be abducted by Jammeh agents.”

Reports show that children between the ages of 7 to 15 are the most abducted. At least two other children reportedly went missing last night en route from their local madrassa, where they study the Qur’an.

President Yahya Jammeh strongly believes in witchcraft. In 2009, he sent his military to arrest many senior citizens from villages accusing them of being witches that killed his aunt. Many of those detained, at least a thousand people were given concussions that made them hallucinate. They foul smelled and some died of poisoning.

Jammeh claims he can use herbs and bananas to cure AIDS, infertility, sickle cell anemia and at one time Ebola.

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