The impossible happened in America, could we wake up to a Mama Kandeh presidency in Gambia?

The impossible happened in America, could we wake up to a Mama Kandeh presidency in Gambia?

Both Republicans and Democrats said Donald Trump would never become President of the United States of America but Americans just like my people back home in The Gambia are not as united. This is a country deeply divided and the same is true of my little Gambia.

In The Gambia, there is a man who is tapping into disgruntled supporters of political parties just like Donald Trump did in America. His name is Mama Kandeh. Kandeh is not eccentric like Trump just that their “disgruntled” strategy is so alike. Common sense tells us the numbers do not favor a Kandeh win just like the polls did not favor Trump. Right?

Gambian opposition parties are deeply divided although they managed to form a coalition ahead of the country’s December 1 polls. Many of the country’s elite live in the Kombo North district and these elites have fallen apart with the government of President Yahya Jammeh and are not in sync with the opposition groups, which are looking out for their old veterans.

If Kandeh sweeps Kombo North, now divided into three new constituencies plus rural Gambia, we can wake up to him being president to our surprise. But a Mama Kandeh presidency will bring joy to Gambian-Americans even if he was not their choice unlike the heart attack they got with a Trump win.

For most of them, as long as Jammeh goes, it will be enough a compensation.

Trump relied on disgruntled Americans, who are angry about just anything, anyone, and everything to win the race to the White House. Mama Kandeh has a lot of support from the disgruntled opposition and ruling party members and so many Gambians living abroad want their government back home to follow in the footsteps of America. I doubt it is this Disunited States of America they are talking about. But if they do and make the impossible possible, Mama Kandeh will become the president-elect of The Gambia as party leader of the “Gambia Disgruntled Congress.” No, it is actually Gambia Democratic Congress and since anything is possible in politics, it could be possible to have President Mama Kandeh win Jammeh plus a coalition of seven opposition parties.

Do not dismiss, Trump is the President-Elect of the United States of America. He ran his campaign on lies and racism with no plans and yes, people do not like Hillary, but Kandeh is charming and liked and Gambians just like Americans, for the most part, are not voting based on issues.

So after all, Kandeh may suffer a Donald Trump and not a Sheriff Dibba. Okay, maybe I am lost in translation….

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