Fula Bantang woman stabs brother-in-law to death

Fula Bantang woman stabs brother-in-law to death

Police said a woman is in custody after repeatedly stabbing his brother-in-law causing his dead in the Central River Region.

Fatou Marong in a scuffle with his brother-in-law stabbed him using a kitchen knife, according to The Point Newspaper. Sulayman Wanja, died of his wounds the next day at the Bansang Hospital in Central River Region.

According to the police PRO Conta, Wanja had a fight with his elder brother’s wife and that ms. Marong is now helping them with their investigations. Police spokesperson Foday Conta said the remains of Mr. Wanja were transported to the medical examiner’s office in Banjul for postmortem. The police have not released the details of the medical examiner’s report but confirmed Wanja has since been returned to his family and laid to rest in his home village of Fullabantang.

Fula Bantang is a small settlement on the outskirts of Bansang, some 196 miles southeast of the capital, Banjul.

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