Gambia police detains another opposition supporter

Gambia police detains another opposition supporter

Gambia’s police on Friday arrested Lamin “Langboy” Cham, a resident of Sukuta after a recorded conversation of him saying he would vote for a coalition-led candidate was discovered by the authorities.

Cham was said to have had the conversation with Amie Secka, a cooking commodities shop owner at the Sukuta market, who recorded him and handed it over to city’s chief, Alkalo Kawsu Cham. Alkalo Cham reported the matter to Sukuta Police.

Eye witnesses say he was arrested after a roadside stop by the police and his vehicle has been impounded.

Mr. Cham was a supporter of the ruling APRC and cross-carpeted this year and said in the recording that he refuse to be part of a political party or vote for a person who insults tribesmen or any other tribe and for that reason, he would be voting for the coalition led by Adama Barrow.
Lamin Cham has since been transferred from Sukuta Police to Brusubi Police, according to family sources. His mother, Jola Jarju has been allowed to see him.

Gambian authorities last week arrested another former support for the regime in power from an abattoir in Abuko, some 20 miles from the capital Banjul. Citizens of the country are heading to the polls this winter in a crucial general election that will determine if President Yahya Jammeh continues his iron-fist rule.

Jammeh is facing a former parliamentarian and a former London security guard turned real estate mogul in an election that will rewrite the country’s political playbook.

Opposition leaders rejected the last presidential polls saying the incumbent used the military and the paramilitary police to incite fear and intimidate voters, many of whom ended up staying home.

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