Gambia gets $16.4M Kuwaiti loan for education support

Gambia gets $16.4M Kuwaiti loan for education support

The Gambia has obtained a loan of US$16.40 million for the developing basic and secondary schools, according to the country’s finance ministry.

The funds were obtained through the Kuwaiti Fund.

President Yahya Jammeh after attending the Organization of Islamic Cooperation meeting in Ankara, Turkey said “only Kuwait through the Kuwaiti Fund was helping African Muslim nations” and that all the others were turning a blind eye to needy African countries.

Gambia’s education ministry said the fund, which is equivalent to about GMD656 million will be used to build at least 39 upper and senior secondary schools across the country.

“This is part of our Education Strategic Plan 2016-2030,” said an education ministry official who wishes to remain anonymous because he was authorized to speak to us about the project. “It will help a lot in addressing some of the challenges the education sector faces.”

The Gambia this year has seen one of its worst academic results for high school leavers. There is high hope among educationist that the fund will allow incentive provision, increase enrollment and support the delivery of quality education, especially in the country’s provincial regions.

In October, The Gambia’s education department received USD8 million as part of a grant, Education Achievement and Development Project to construct at least 40 new schools, help with paying teachers’ salaries and stipends and support early childhood education.

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