Incumbent, coalition leader confident of winning

Incumbent, coalition leader confident of winning

Two of The Gambia’s presidential hopefuls are all claiming they will win the presidential election in a landslide. President Yahya Jammeh said “they already know who is going to win” and opposition coalition candidate Adama Barrow said, “he will win a hundred percent.”

Independent polls are in favor of a Barrow win but analysts say Jammeh is likely to win after EU was denied observer status and ECOWAS said it is boycotting elections for the second time.

Barrow said it will be difficult to say if polls will be free and fair but remain hopeful of a win based on the independent polls.

“My chances are very high. I am winning in the polls and I am winning in a landslide with a huge margin. My campaign will deliver a victory for the coalition,” said Barrow.

President Jammeh is has suspended his appearance in at least two campaign stops to mourn Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro. Although Jammeh’s foreign ministry had refused to give credentials to EU observers to monitor the elections, Jammeh told electoral commission chief to invite international observers to clear questions on voter fraud.

“They already know who is going to win and I am going to win. You can invite them all to come and see,” said Jammeh.

Jammeh had previously said he has no opposition and had in 2011 refused to go on a campaign until his mother, Asombi Bojang intervened. It has been different this year as Jammeh started his campaign two days earlier and observers say he is not sounding or looking as confident.

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