Sabally refuses to take his plea

Sabally refuses to take his plea

Director of state broadcast network, Momodou Sabally has refused to take his plea saying the charges brought against him by Gambian state prosecutors were already dropped.

Sabally told Justice Eunice Dada that prosecutors were attempting to reinstate charges on which he received a pardon from the country’s president in September 2015.

State prosecutors filed a Nolle Prosequi on economic crimes, abuse of office and giving false information charges against Mr. Sabally last year.

State prosecutor A.M. Yusuf admitted that the state was unwilling to pursue the case and filed a formal notice of abandonment, but said it does not mean charges cannot be reinstated.

Yusuf said Mr. Sabally was discharged but not acquitted, which does not bar them from prosecuting the case.

The Gambia’s Attorney General signed off on a fresh bill of indictment on the charges, according to judicial sources, although Mr. Sabally was pardoned.

Sabally was arrested after the officialization of the nomination of an opposition leader challenging President Yahya Jammeh in the country presidential polls this week was broadcasted, giving way to other opposition groups to have the same.

The UN and journalist rights groups have asked for his release.

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