Son of missing Gambian-American pleads with Gambians not to vote for Jammeh

Son of missing Gambian-American pleads with Gambians not to vote for Jammeh

Jim Jobe hopes to wake up in the morning and having breakfast with his father before heading to school. Jim’s father, Ebou Jobe is one-half of the American duo that went missing in The Gambia.

His son, Jim is now heading to middle school and hopes his dad will join him as an early Christmas present from Gambians that are heading to the polls on December 1.

“Do not vote for Yahya Jammeh,” says Jim. “He is mean and he has taken my dad Ebou Jobe and his friend Alhagie Ceesay. Please do not vote for Jammeh so I can see my dad.”

Jobe and Ceesay traveled to The Gambia to set up a software company before being nabbed by a paramilitary force only answerable to the country’s paranoid president, Yahya Jammeh.

They have not been seen or heard from since and activists fear they might be killed. Their families are hoping they are alive and said they got credible reports that they are held in an old British donjon on an island in central Gambia.

“I miss my dad taking me to my basketball games and helping me with my homework,” Jim Jobe said.

Looking at a photo of his dad, you can see a lot of him in his son. The resemblance is a reminder to Jim’s mom, Mai Badjie of the vow, bond, and love that keeps her attached to her husband, though they are thousands of miles apart.

For Jim, the excuse by Gambian authorities that they are investigating the disappearance of his father is not giving him as much hope as the pictures and videos he sees from his mom’s smartphone of a coalition challenging Jammeh. He is not holding a smartphone to play games like most of his mates. He is instead following the elections in his father’s homeland.

“Jim is growing up to become quite a man,” say Mai. “He wakes up each morning and takes his shower, pray and eat breakfast. In the evening, he will do his homework and read to his younger brothers before going to bed. Very much like his dad does.”

In his prayers these days, he prays The Gambian people will vote Jammeh out so he could see his father again.

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