Will Jammeh be kicked out of the political playing field?

Will Jammeh be kicked out of the political playing field?

Gambians held red cards, like soccer referees, indicating they are kicking President Yahya Jammeh of The Gambia out of the political playing field.

Jammeh has ruled The Gambia using fear and intimidation since he came to power in a coup in 1994. Exit polls are not too favorable for this African strongman who swore that he can never lose an election.

In the streets, Gambians chant songs asking Jammeh to step down. They describe him as a trader of all goods. President Jammeh has been selling food items, livestock and general merchandise. Small business owners say, Mr. Jammeh has been competing them and leaving their businesses at a loss and the economy at an all-time low.

The Gambia’s deeply divided opposition in an unprecedented move united behind a realtor and former Londoner Adama Barrow to challenge President Yahya Jammeh. The opposition’s all-star team has been scoring big against Jammeh and his APRC party.

Gambians say Jammeh had been given a warning – a yellow card and this time he will be given a red card and kicked out of the level playing field. But for Jammeh, an eccentric and egoistic dictator, no election will make him step out of this political playing field.

Jammeh is so far on the losing end and in The Gambia’s political game, there is no extra time (second round of voting). It is about an outright simple majority. Jammeh has for long used the rule to maintain power and the rule may have just cost him the presidency that he risked his life to get in a coup that was said to be bloodless.

If there is anything to know, Jammeh’s presidency was not as bloodless ad the coup that brought him to power.

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