Political jockeying will not be tolerated, period.

Political jockeying will not be tolerated, period.

Accountability is not synonymous with witch-hunting. We have said so repeatedly since the historic elections that saw the defeat of Jammeh.

Any attempt at appeasing of one of Africa’s most brutal and corrupt leaders for personal self-interest is a betrayal of trust of Gambian voters who voted massively against status quo. They voted for change and government accountability.

If you absolve Jammeh, you absolve all those who have committed heinous crimes against a defenseless population. We say to all politicians, it is no longer business as usual.

The people voted for change, change we must give them. Mend your ways or else the wrath of the oppressed will be directed at you. And if you want to know what that looks and feels like, ask Yahya Jammeh.

Sidi Sanneh is an economist and partner at Frontier Markets, former Executive Director at the African Development Bank, UNDP Resource Mobilization Adviser, former Gambian Foreign Minister and Ambassador to Senegal.

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