President-elect Barrow will not retain any Jammeh minister

President-elect Barrow will not retain any Jammeh minister

President Yahya Jammeh and President-elect Adama Barrow are expected to put their difference aside in a meeting this week but Barrow will not be keeping in cabinet any senior member of President Yahya Jammeh’s administration.

“We have enough people and expertise in our team. Remember this is a coalition of eight leaders,” Barrow said.

Mr. Barrow’s election victory is so surreal for many Gambians, who are demanding the prosecution of Jammeh and his associates.

Barrow is expected to have a cordial meeting with outgoing President Yahya Jammeh, although, for many years, Mr. Jammeh has persecuted and maimed members of the opposition. Jammeh said opposition members “will never get to become president or even member of parliament, even if Gambians voted for them.”

The opposition within the last two years was vocal with their criticism of Mr. Jammeh, his rights violations, flamboyant lifestyle and the corruption that became widespread in his administration.

Jammeh conceded defeat look subdued, masking his shock, nervousness, and uncharacteristic laughter with jokes in a call to Mr. Barrow.

President-elect Barrow said forming his government is a top priority to jumpstart reforms. The coalition leaders have been engaged in high-level meetings this week and expected to announce a government in the coming days.

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