Yankuba Colley: APRC is not going anywhere

Yankuba Colley: APRC is not going anywhere

The Gambia’s political earthquake has shocked the country’s ruling APRC party into becoming the largest opposition party. Many say the party has died but its senior officials say they are staying put and going nowhere.

Mayor Yankuba Colley, the Chief Propagandist and Mobilizer of the party said Thursday that APRC is still the biggest and strongest political party in the country.

“We call upon the vanguards of the party together with all APRC militants, supporters, and sympathizers to remain solidly behind the party and work towards achieving victory in subsequent elections,” Colley said.

The APRC is hoping to prevail in subsequent elections, although analysts predict their supporters are likely to switch allegiance to the opposition GDC party, led by a former parliamentarian, Mama Kandeh.

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