Jammeh to face the wrath of the international community

Jammeh to face the wrath of the international community

Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh will be facing stiff resistance from the international community that would not be recognizing his government if he refuses to leave power.

President Yahya Jammeh who had conceded defeat in the West African nation’s last week’s presidential polls took a u-turn to rescind the results and accuse the electoral commission of rigging the elections to favor President-elect Adama Barrow.

The international community has called on President Jammeh to carry out an orderly transition of power or face serious consequences whiles urging the military and government institutions to remain neutral and uphold the will of the people.

The African Union said President Jammeh’s rejection of the electoral results is “null and void” and that it will work with the United Nations and the regional ECOWAS body in assisting Gambians to find the best way towards a speedy and peaceful transition and transfer of power.

The UN said last week that any attempt to subvert the will of The people will of the people will be met with stiff resistance.

President Yahya Jammeh, who has ruled The Gambia for 22-years after coming to power in a coup as a young Lieutenant risk a Gbagbo type ouster if he continues to breach the will of The Gambian people to extend his rule.

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