Mai Fatty says the election resultions cannot be reversed

Mai Fatty says the election resultions cannot be reversed

Mai Ahmad Fatty, the leader of the Gambia Moral Congress and a senior member of The Gambia’s new coalition government said the elections results will not be reversed.

Be assured that the will of our people cannot be derailed. The election results will not be reversed. We ask that you retain confidence in our capacity to tame this transient storm. Yet, we must do all in our collective ability to keep the country united, stable, peaceful and loyal to the President-elect,” Fatty said.

President Yahya Jammeh dismayed the international community Friday, a week after conceding defeat, announcing he has rejected the elections results.

Jammeh’s concession came as a surprise to many after he oversaw a brutal 22-year repression of the people. His rescission of the results, however, did not come as a surprise to many Gambians.

Jammeh has deployed his loyalist within his presidential guard to protect the capital. Fatty said the country cannot afford instability and called for calm.

“We must eschew rash and thoughtless acts, bearing in mind that The Gambia cannot afford instability. The supreme interest of The Gambia exceeds the personal ambition of one person. It is important to remain united, peaceful and resolute,” he said.

The international community has rejected Jammeh’s attempt to hold on to power and warned it will be resisted. The EU warned of serious consequences for Jammeh and the AU said Jammeh’s rejection of the election results is null and void.

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