Senegal calls for a UN Security Council meeting over Gambia

Senegal calls for a UN Security Council meeting over Gambia

Senegal’s Foreign Minister Mankeur Ndiaye has called for a UN Security Council sitting over Gambia’s volatile political environments after President Yahya Jammeh rejected election results.

Senegalese authorities demanded Jammeh to respect the results and allow the peaceful transfer of power. It has warned against the harming of its citizens and interests in the West African nation.

A regional force to take Jammeh out is a possible option as the country risk going to war with its military divided.

The Gambia’s military, police and intelligence chiefs have pledged support and allegiance to the new unity government, leaving Jammeh to be backed by only loyalists in his elite presidential guard and the Republican National Guard that are in charge of his protection.

The U.S. has urged The Gambia’s military to uphold the will of the people and remain neutral.

The UN said last week any attempt to subvert the rule of law and the will of the people will be met with stiff resistance from the international community. The African Union said Saturday that Mr. Jammeh’s rejection of the results is null and void.

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