University lecturers boycott college activities, exams

University lecturers boycott college activities, exams

Lecturers at the University of The Gambia are boycotting college activities and exams after President Yahya Jammeh’s attempt to subvert the will of the people.

“We have decided to boycott all examinations and teaching activities at the University of the Gambia until the voice of the Gambian people are respected and Yahya Jammeh peacefully hands over office to president-elect Adama Barrow,” said Dr. Ismaila Ceesay, spokesperson for the pact of lecturers.

President Jammeh, the Chancellor of the university, lost to Mr. Barrow and conceded defeat last week. Jammeh made a u-turn challenging the results, annulling the elections, and accusing the international community of influencing the electoral commission.

President-elect Barrow said there will be no new elections. Jammeh who would be seeking a Supreme Court ruling had 10 days after the election to dispute the results in court. He is expected to file a petition on Monday, which would be 12 days after he conceded defeat.

The UN said Jammeh must step down and the international community declared his rejection of the result null and void.

Jammeh may, however, secure a recount. The ballot boxes are sealed at the electoral commission for 30 days in case a recount is demanded.

President Jammeh had earlier said that elections in the West African nation are the most transparent, rig- and fraud-proof.

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