Yahya Jammeh, this is not your Gambia

Yahya Jammeh, this is not your Gambia

On Friday, President Yahya Jammeh rescinded his decision to concede defeat, says the elections is fraudulent and called for new polls. For many years, President Yahya Jammeh has had in his mystical thoughts that The Gambia his.

“Deyka bi ma ko mom,” meaning “I own this country,” he will always say whenever he is making drastic decisions.

Until December 1, Gambians allowed Jammeh to maim, kill, kidnap, exile, and torture. They sent Jammeh one message: this is not your Gambia, this is our Gambia; “deyka bi mom lor koh, you do not own this country;” “deyka bi nyo koh mom, we own this country,” period!

President Yahya Jammeh conceded defeat graciously and got a round of applause from the international community. He got a standing ovation from the media. His concession literarily paid for all the crimes he has committed and guaranteed him a free stay in his mansion in Potomac, Maryland.

Jammeh’s declaration were supreme to the constitution. He customized electoral laws to suit him and it all backfired. In his own words, “the elections in The Gambia are rig-proof and fraud-proof.” It is totally senseless for Jammeh to turn around to accuse the honorable Alieu Momar Njai of rigging the elections.

Jammeh must know that the days of his declarations being law are over. Gambians have rejected him like he rejects the election results. The will of the people will not be undone.

President Yahya Jammeh has no authority to annul the elections. Only the Independent Electoral Commission has. Neither the IEC nor the people will be dictated to by Jammeh anymore.

In this election, Gambian people have decided their future and this future does not include you Yahya Jammeh with your hate, bigotry, tribalism, exclusion, hate, intimidation, and division.

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