Yahya Jammeh, what happened to not questioning Allah?

Yahya Jammeh, what happened to not questioning Allah?

We all thought the dust was settling after Jammeh conceded defeat. But those that know The Gambia’s outgoing president know very well he cannot be trusted.

Jammeh parades himself as God-fearing devoted Muslim who has mystical powers to cure AIDS, infertility, asthma, sickle cells and Ebola. He is called “Sheikh,” as in a royal ruler.

The “God-fearing” Jammeh called his electoral loss the “will of Allah.” Conceding defeat graciously was by far Jammeh’s best unilateral decision. The world gave him a standing ovation and hoped other leaders would follow in his footsteps.

“…I came on a Friday the 22nd of July and I lost on Friday the 2nd of December. It’s not the 22nd but the 2nd of December. Allah is telling me that my time is up and I hand over graciously, with gratitude to the Gambian people and gratitude to the almighty Allah to you,” Jammeh told Barrow.

Jammeh said he would therefore not question the will of Allah as a God-fearing Muslim.

“This is transparent, this is the will of Allah and as a Muslim, I accept it in good faith and will never question the will of Allah. The Gambian people have chosen you. After 22 years I am grateful to the almighty Allah for that,” said Jammeh.

But he did just that.

On Friday, December 9, Jammeh dismayed Gambians and the world by rejecting the outcome of the election. Whiles the world was stunned, Gambians were not surprised.

Jammeh’s concession was too good to be true.

To a five-year-old, the excuses presented by Jammeh are illogical. There has always been low voter turnout and fresh elections cannot be held as a result. Jammeh does not have the authority to annul any election. The ballot boxes are sealed at the IEC for a month for a recount.

Jammeh announced he would be contesting the results at the Supreme Court of The Gambia; but then Mr. Outgoing President, the God-fearing Sheikh, what happened to not questioning the will of Allah? You relied on his one vote and he refused to give it to you, instead he divided it among the people. Then indeed, he does not want you there like The Gambian people.

You must want him to unleash his wrath on you like he did to the people of Noah and perish in the flood of violence you are trying to create.

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