Coalition says Jammeh attempting to undermine transition

Coalition says Jammeh attempting to undermine transition

The coalition opposition turned government-elect said President Yahya Jammeh and the APRC are making an effort to undermine the transition process, urging them to respect the will of the people.

A senior coalition member, Mai Ahmad Fatty said in a statement that any petition filed in court will be a further demonstration that President Yahya Jammeh and his party have no respect or regard for the Gambian People, are bent on ignoring their aspiration, and on undermining the transition process.

President Yahya Jammeh flip-flopped on his political future after rescinding his bold decision to accept defeat and conceded to President-elect Adama Barrow.

Jammeh accused the electoral chief of being influenced by the international community and called for fresh polls. The international community has asked for Jammeh to step down and said his rejection of the results is null and void.

Jammeh said Saturday he would be filing a legal challenge in court to nullify the results. Coalition leaders have rejected Jammeh’s bid to constitute a Supreme Court to hear his petition.

President Jammeh is expected to meet with UN and West African leaders who are seeking to prevail over Mr. Jammeh to step down and allow a peaceful transition of power.

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